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How to Choose the Best Pillow for Neck Pain

There are different types of people with different ways of sleeping. The neck pain often is the result of sleeping on a pillow that is no in perfect condition. The pillow should support the skull and your neck too. This is the only way with which you can spread the weight of your head all over the vertebrae. You must therefore give importance to buying the right kind of pillow. The best pillow for neck pain depends on the way you sleep.

Support and alignment for your body

When you are buying a pillow then you should understand that it is important for the pillow to meet the contours of your head and neck when you are in a sleeping position. The proper firmness should be another important condition of the pillow. The alignment of the neck and spine should be maintained properly by the pillow that has got the right firmness. There should be no gap in between the neck and your mattress when you are sleeping. The head should not tilt forward or backward while you are sleeping.

Proper height of the pillow

When you are lying sideways then there should be a midline position of your body and your pillow should support your upper spine and head. If your pillow is too high then your head will tilt forward and so causing strain in the muscles. When you are lying sideways then the head will be bent to the side and again that is a cause for muscle strain. These must be avoided. The pillows for neck pain must be such that does not bend your head. This also causes obstruction of the air ways and results in snoring.

Pillows can differ as per position

The pillow that you are planning to use should be comfortable above all. The surface of the pillow should be smooth. The cool temperature and proper support from the pillow will soon take away your neck pain. When you are lying on your back the pillow should shape as per the head, neck and the natural curve of the spine. When you are used to sleep on your side the pillow should support your head and shoulders and give you a natural horizontal alignment.

The best pillow for neck problems should help in distribution of the weight so that there is no strain at any part of the spine or neck. The people who sleep on their stomach must use a flat pillow that is soft. The head must have proper support so that the breathing is not obstructed. You can also use orthopedic pillows or feather pillows if you want. These help in the neck pain if you have severe problem. There are roll shaped pillows for people with neck pain and the water filled pillows are also good for neck pain as you can increase the support by adding more water if you need.