How to Choose the Best Pillow for Neck Pain

There are different types of people with different ways of sleeping. The neck pain often is the result of sleeping on a pillow that is no in perfect condition. The pillow should support the skull and your neck too. This is the only way with which you can spread the weight of your head all over the vertebrae. You must therefore give importance to buying the right kind of pillow. The best pillow for neck pain depends on the way you sleep.

Support and alignment for your body

When you are buying a pillow then you should understand that it is important for the pillow to meet the contours of your head and neck when you are in a sleeping position. The proper firmness should be another important condition of the pillow. The alignment of the neck and spine should be maintained properly by the pillow that has got the right firmness. There should be no gap in between the neck and your mattress when you are sleeping. The head should not tilt forward or backward while you are sleeping.

Proper height of the pillow

When you are lying sideways then there should be a midline position of your body and your pillow should support your upper spine and head. If your pillow is too high then your head will tilt forward and so causing strain in the muscles. When you are lying sideways then the head will be bent to the side and again that is a cause for muscle strain. These must be avoided. The pillows for neck pain must be such that does not bend your head. This also causes obstruction of the air ways and results in snoring.

Pillows can differ as per position

The pillow that you are planning to use should be comfortable above all. The surface of the pillow should be smooth. The cool temperature and proper support from the pillow will soon take away your neck pain. When you are lying on your back the pillow should shape as per the head, neck and the natural curve of the spine. When you are used to sleep on your side the pillow should support your head and shoulders and give you a natural horizontal alignment.

The best pillow for neck problems should help in distribution of the weight so that there is no strain at any part of the spine or neck. The people who sleep on their stomach must use a flat pillow that is soft. The head must have proper support so that the breathing is not obstructed. You can also use orthopedic pillows or feather pillows if you want. These help in the neck pain if you have severe problem. There are roll shaped pillows for people with neck pain and the water filled pillows are also good for neck pain as you can increase the support by adding more water if you need.


Does Your Pillow Support The Natural Forward Curvature In Your Neck? If It Doesn’t Musculoskeletal Pain Could Follow

You work throughout the day, are tired and hassled and looking forward to a good night’s sleep to awake refreshed and rejuvenated ready to tackle another day. Normally, one would safely assume that for a good night’s sleep all you need is a good bed, a comfortable mattress and a quiet dark room.

Yet when you awake you have a stiff neck and you are far from feeling refreshed. You wonder why? Have you ever given it thought that your pillow could be the culprit, the cause of all your neck problems?

Just ask yourself this simple question, does your pillow support the natural forward curvature in your neck? If the answer is ‘no,’ you have nailed the problem and can safely lay the blame on your pillows for your neck pain.

New research has shown that although there could be many reasons for your neck pain, the humble pillow is to blame more often than not and not using the best pillow for neck problems can play a major role in musculoskeletal pain, especially neck and shoulder pain. Apart from the pain, a wrongly chosen pillow will also cause sleep disturbances and upset the muscle relaxation process that should happen whilst you are sleep. It is a vicious cycle that feeds of each other, the pain disrupts your sleep and the disruption causes the pain.

How does then one choose the best pillow for neck pain? There is an overabundance of pillows available in the market, all claiming to be the ideal most pillows for neck pain. However, most can safely be avoided. The most expensive need not be the best, the one that has the best stuffing may also be inappropriate for you and the best pillow for side sleepers may be the worst pillow for those who sleep on their backs. Ultimately it boils down to what suits your sleeping style and your personal preference.

However, since you are already suffering from neck problems, it would be better to seek an appointment with a chiropractor and seek expert advice. Most chiropractic clinics have a display of pillows and your doctor will surely help you choose one that will not only lessen your neck and shoulder pain but also induce a better night’s sleep.

The HeadRight is one pillow that is the answer to people looking for the ideal pillow and being unable to find one. In fact its inventor Dr. Allan Weisberg, a renowned New York City Chiropractor invented it for this very reason. His search, across the US, for the ideal pillow for his patients proved futile and he decided that he would make one himself and HeadRight came into existence, bringing succor and relief from pain to thousands of people with neck pain.

The HeadRight pillow can be trusted to provide sleepers with comfort and safety during sleep and is actually two pillows combined into one, which have the ability to adapt and adjust according to your sleeping posture and keeping the neck aligned with the rest of the body, making it the ideal neck pain pillow for both back sleepers and side sleepers.

Wrong Pillows Can Exacerbate Neck and Spinal Problems: The Right One Can Cure Them

One of the commonest complaints that a vast majority of Americans have is that they suffer from acute lower back pain, pain in the neck and a sense of numbness in the arms and shoulders. The prime reason for all these problems, which could range from moderate to severe, is because the people sleep awkwardly and use the wrong pillow. Pillow 1

Dr. Allan Weisberg, A New York City Chiropractor says that bad sleeping postures can put a lot of stress on the neck and the shoulders and cause pain and discomfort.

However, it is not possible to monitor yourself when you are fast asleep and unknown to you the problem keeps on exacerbating and becoming greater than before. However, the first thing that you should do is to get the best pillow for neck pain and this will go a long way in correcting your sleeping posture and keeping your head and spine in the required alignment.

But does a pillow for neck pain actually exist? There are hundreds of ads in the papers that claim that they have the best pillow for neck pain and the ideal pillows for all sleeping positions, especially pillows for side sleepers. However, tall claims do not make for the right pillow and you would be well advised to take note of what the experts say.

Dr. Allan Weisberg says that it is vital that you deal with neck problems the moment you feel their onset and assess your sleeping posture and the pillow that you are using. The best way of doing this would be by using an orthopaedic pillow which is especially designed to virtually compel your body into the right sleeping posture.

Dr. Allan Weisberg, a chiropractor with 30 years of experience in spinal corrective care and injury prevention, developed the HeadRight, a pillow that will provide relief and support in the spinal recovery process. The HeadRight was designed by the doctor, after his search for the ideal pillow provided futile. It is not merely a pillow but a sleeping system that helps realign the head and spine, but also serves as a true corrective support system to encourage optimal spinal health and function, irrespective of your sleeping posture.

Our parents and teachers have been constantly reprimanding us for slouching and slumping. How often have we heard, “stand up straight, or sit erect.” Not doing so is the cause of our bad postures and subsequent neck and back pain. The way we sleep also contributes significantly to our neck problems – it is while sleeping that the body recharges itself and the body undergoes mending and restoring process. Even if you find it difficult initially, chose the right pillow for neck pain that allows the spine to align itself naturally.

Choosing theĀ best pillow for neck pain is making a great start and will surely go a long way in alleviating your neck pain and other neck problems. Give the HeadRight a try; thousands of satisfied users have confirmed that it is indeed the best pillow for neck pain and spinal problems.